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Harnessing technology to prepare students for the future

The Kennewick School District (KSD) community voted to support a four-year technology levy that will provide a digital device to every student in the district by the year 2022.

Here are some frequently asked questions about the one-to-one computer device initiative:

What is the purpose of this technology initiative?

Learning, work and citizenship in today’s world demand our graduates responsibly, ethically and capably apply a variety of technology skills. By providing each secondary student a Chromebook computer to use at school and at home, KSD intends to enable an engaging, collaborative, self-directed, and empowering learning environment that supports students’ preparation for fulfilling ever changing vocational needs beyond high school.  

How will the district monitor safe student use?

Parent involvement is key for keeping students safe online. The district will makes every effort to equip families with the necessary tools and information to ensure safe use of the digital devices in the home. In addition, website filtering services provided in our schools are in compliance with minimum federal regulations for protection of students. These filtering services remain in place on Chromebooks even when they are used away from school.

How is the district preparing teachers to use them in the classroom?

Teachers in have received professional development and training on how to effectively integrate the use of the Chromebooks into lesson plans.