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Bands and Orchestras

Department Philosophy

Kamiakin High School's band and orchestra program provides a balanced instrumental music performance experience for all woodwind, brass, percussion and orchestral string players. All of our ensembles have a strong tradition of excellence.

Our curricular programs are structured to prepare students to achieve the state and national standards in fine arts-music.

Participation allows students to develop both individual and group skills. Students will have opportunities to expand their understanding of and appreciation for the musical arts. As they develop their musical skills, the students' ability to express individuality, demonstrate creativity, problem solve, develop an aesthetic sense of the world around, make goal-oriented decisions and see the results of a positive work ethic is greatly enhanced.

Our excellent co-curricular programs provide extended learning, performance and travel opportunities. However, co-curricular ensemble participation should not replace participation in one of the appropriate curricular ensembles.

Curricular Programs Offered

    Symphonic Band (9th-12th grades)
    String Ensemble (9th-12th grades)
    Wind Ensemble (10th-12th grades)
    Small Ensembles and Solos (9th-12th grades)

Co-Curricular Programs Offered

    Jazz Ensemble (all grades)
    Marching Band (all grades)
    Symphony Orchestra (all grades by invitation)