Instrumental Music

Curricular Performance Ensembles


ENROLLMENT: All wind and percussion performers (9th-12th grade) are encouraged to participate regardless of experience.

DESCRIPTION: Performance, development of ensemble and Individual performance skills, and standard grade II-IV band literature.

CLASS MEETS: Daily with some after-school/class rehearsals required.

PERFORMANCES: Four concerts, four to five pep band events and one to two local festivals. Participation in marching band is highly encouraged.


ENROLLMENT: Open to all orchestral stringed instrument performers (violin, viola, cello, bass, harp)

DESCRIPTION: Performance, development of string performance skills, and string orchestra literature from multiple time periods.

CLASS MEETS: Daily with some after-school/class rehearsals, which include weekly sectionals and several Tuesday evening rehearsals at 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. with our string specialist.

PERFORMANCES: Four concerts, two to three festivals and additional school performances.


ENROLLMENT: Wind and percussion musicians by audition and/or director approval (10th-12th grade)

DESCRIPTION: Performance, development of advanced ensemble and individual performance skills, Grade III-V Band literature from standard repertoire, new compositions.

CLASS MEETS: Daily with after-school/class rehearsals required.

PERFORMANCES: Four to five concerts, two to three festivals, four to five pep band events and additional school performances.


ENROLLMENT: All students enrolled in curricular ensembles will participate in a small ensemble or solo performance experience.

DESCRIPTION: Small group and individual performance skill development, music literature for small group and/or solo performance.

REHEARSALS: Students will meet together in 30-45 minute rehearsals once a week from November through February. The exact day and time will be determined by group/individual and director.

PERFORMANCES: District Solo and Ensemble Festival (February), class performance, family performance, and/or concert appearance.

Co-Curricular Performance Ensembles


ENROLLMENT:  Open to wind, percussion, piano and string players by permission of director. Incoming ninth-graders are welcome to participate. Concurrent enrollment in the appropriate curricular band or orchestra class is expected.

DESCRIPTION:  Performance-oriented instruction, development of jazz styles from multiple periods, focus on improvisation.

CLASS MEETS: Daily at 6:45 a.m. (“0” hour).  Some after-school/class rehearsals are required.

PERFORMANCES: Two concerts, one jazz/dinner performance, two to three trips/festivals, additional school performances possible.

MARCHING BAND (.5 Arts Credit during Fall/Winter Semester)

ENROLLMENT: Open to all musicians and color guard/dance performers. Concurrrent enrollment in the appropriate band or orchestra class is highly encouraged.

DESCRIPTION: Performance of high quality half-time shows and in-stands performances at all varsity home football games.

CLASS MEETS: Rehearsals begin in early August for band camps, then 5:30 to 8:45 p.m. on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and some Saturdays.

PERFORMANCES: Four to five home football games, including post-season, and three festival/competitions. Season goes from August through early November.

SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA (.5 Arts Credit during Winter/Spring Semester)

ENROLLMENT: Wind, percussion, piano, harp (by permission of director) and all string players. Concurrent enrollment in String Ensemble/Wind Ensemble is required.

DESCRIPTION: Performance of standard full symphony orchestra literature.

CLASS MEETS: 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. on Tuesday evenings from early November through June.

PERFORMANCES: Three to four concerts, two trips/festivals, additional school performances.