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The Hawthorne Court Residents' Scholarship Fund

The Hawthorne Court Residents' Scholarship Fund will be awarding at least one $1,000 scholarship to graduating seniors of Kennewick, Kamiakin or Southride High Schools interested in a professional career (medical, social services, gerontology, etc.) that benefits all people, including senior citizens.


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DUE April 28, 2017

JaSonte' Allen Medsker WOW Scholarship

ELIGIBILITY: Graduating Senior

Someone who has overcome a hardship in life (financial, physical, social barriers to complete high school)

JaSonte’s Passion: The JaSonte’ Allen Medsker Scholarship was created to honor his love for school. Despite all of his physical deficits, JaSonte’s cognitive and mental ability was unimpaired. JaSonte having such a desire to learn was fortunate. He was blessed with teachers, therapists and paraeducators who saw his desire to learn and were able to look past his disabilities to see the smart, bright, quick-witted young man he was. We offer this Scholarship in JaSonte’s honor for those who are motivated to keep going in school and continue to overcome all barriers, whether it is academic, social, environmental or physical. 


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DUE April 30, 2017

Image result for kamiakin booster clubKamiakin Booster Club Scholarship

Any graduating senior of Kamiakin High School who has participated in organized, inter-school athletics for at least two full years, at least one of which must have been during your junior or senior year at Kamiakin High School will be eligible for this scholarship. The applicant shall have been accepted (or have made application and is pending) to a recognized institution of higher learning. This scholarship is subject to NCAA rules and regulations.  



DUE May 2, 2017

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Tips for Searching for Scholarships

Scholarship lists are available to students and parents.  The Kamiakin list is available in The Career Center and on our website.  This list includes both national and local scholarships and is mostly for seniors although there are occasional opportunities for non-seniors.  This list in no way includes every scholarship that’s out there.  Look at the websites of other high schools as well as other sites, including the ones below.  Our Career Specialist in our Career Center, can help students and parents access these resources and answer many questions. 

 Here are some tips for students and parents about searching for scholarship money:

  • Be motivated – it’s hard work.  It involves searching websites, writing essays and being very organized.  Parents and students need to decide the time and effort you are willing to expend.
  • Be supportive – help keep tabs on deadlines, recommendations and essays but don’t do all the lifting.
  • Don’t pay for a service.
  • Stick close to home – try to land local scholarships (these usually come out later in the school-year) from groups that you know or hear about. The odds of winning a nation-wide mega scholarship are not in your student’s favor. A more effective use of your time is to pursue scholarships from your employer, church group, local service chapters in the community and awards for special interests like future teachers etc.
  • Set realistic goals – how much money do you want to go after?
  • Pay attention to details – deadlines matter.  Follow directions.  If they want a 3.0 minimum don’t apply with a 2.5. Complete the entire application.  Kids frequently skip stuff.  Review the application with your student. 
  • Give us time - If the application needs counselor (or teacher) signature or information, give us time.  Don’t press deadlines by requesting required information and signatures at the last minute.