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October 3, 2018

FAFSA & WASFA Assistance Workshop

Get FREE expert help completing the FAFSA or WASFA at CBC's College Goal Washington event

Tuesday, October 9, 5:00-8:00om, CBC Campus T-Building

What should I bring to file the FAFSA or the WASFA?

There are several things you need to bring.

  • Your Social Security card or Alien registration card (if you are a permanent resident). (FAFSA only)
  • Your driver's license.
  • Your prior year's tax return.
  • Your income information. This includes bank statements and a W-2 or pay stub.
  • Your parent, if you are 24 or younger.
  • Your parents' financial information. Parents should bring a copy of their prior year's tax return. 
  • One parent's social security number. If neither of your parents have one, you may still file the FAFSA.
  • Additional financial information -- such as child support statements, TANF or welfare information, real estate, stocks or bonds investments, family business or farm info.

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