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October 3, 2018

College Representatives Visit Kamiakin

College Admission Representatives will visit Kamiakin to present information about programs available at their school. The Admission Representatives meet with interested students to discuss topics such as the academic programs, campus life, financial aid and the admission procedures for their college. They will answer any questions you have. 

Parents are encouraged to attend! 

COLLEGE VISITS AT KAMIAKIN - Visits will be held in the CAREER CENTER (Check back often for updates)

Whitworh University, Thursday, Ocotber 4, 2nd hour

Eastern Oregon University, Thursday, October 4, 5th hour

Washington State University, Monday, October 8, 9:00-9:45am

Lewis-Clark State College, Tuesday, October 16, 3rd hour

Corban University, Thursday, October 18, 3rd hour

Northwest Christian University, Monday, October 22, 5th hour

Kamiakin College & Career EXPO!

Thursday, October 25 from 8:00am-1:20pm in the West Gym. Over 50 Post-High School Opportunities - Colleges, Universities, Technical & Trade Schools, Military Representatives, and Local Businesses.

According to, here are SIX reasons students should meet with college reps.

1.  Students have a chance — in their own town — to meet face-to-face with a rep and ask specific questions.

2.  Students can let the college know they are seriously interested.

3.  In many cases, the reps are admission officers from the college, so students have a unique opportunity to make contact with a person who may be evaluating their application in the future.

4.  The meeting provides students with a specific contact at the college to whom they can send questions.

5.  Sometimes reps, particularly ones from state universities, will give an early read on students' transcripts, test scores and course selections during their visits. This helps students assess their fit at that institution and figure out what they can do to improve their chances of getting in.

6.  It's an opportunity for you, as a parent, to bring to your students’ attention a college that you think is a good fit but that the student may not have considered.

Questions? Contact Debbie Smith